Saturday, October 8, 2011

Computers For Charity Is Homeless

Homeless? Yep. You might ask yourself that 'If you helped so many people, why can't you help yourself?'. Well the answer is simple. We were preoccupied with the needs of others and before we even know what had happened our host church had evicted us.

This was after three years of us serving, strictly as volunteers. no one received a paycheck here and yet we put in sometimes 20 hours per week or more. Most of us had full-time jobs too! So it's a given that some of us are very upset at the way we got 'handled'. But we need to handle that in the same spirit that inspired us to volunteer our time for this effort. With charity and love and respect for our fallen fellow man.

We shall bless those who curse us and if they wanna keep hitting Jeff Kills cheek, he will turn the other to be smacked round too. We all need this lesson. My Dad always said that 'No good deed goes unpunished'. Now I ask you, the reader of my unconventional blog, what the heck does that mean? Well, it just means this, every time you attempt to do something good in life you will face adversity.

Adversity comes from various places. It can be internal: Your own soul telling you something is amiss in life and you gotta change it. It can come from God: you may be resisting something and He wont let you stray to far from his ultimate plan if you stick with him. It may be from Hell: Satan don't like your spiritual progression, so he will hinder and discourage you wherever he can. Or it can just be people; being human, trying to do the best they can. Sometimes the best they can do is the worst for you (or your cause).

Our volunteers have given quietly and selflessly for three years to a cause that they believe in. We have seen all the above factors come against us before. We had a hard road to begin with and I love you guys (and gals) for sticking with us. We have an unconventional charity but yet we have succeeded in so many ways. We are still the only place in NW Ohio that provides functional computer systems to people free of charge. We've done a lot in 3 years and I can't wait till we can meet in that new place and reconvene this awesome endeavor!

In the meantime, we currently have 58 days to move and we have no place to go. We need help with this move so if any of you can offer it in the form of boxes or a truck or most importantly connections that will allow us to find a better place to reside. One more in tune with charity hopefully. then lets get to work on it!

For the reader of this blog who has not been around I say, please come by, check us out. we are a diverse and accepting kind of people. We help all, and show love to all who come to us. This is why we volunteer our computer skills to anybody who needs them. Heck your just really missing out if you don't hang with us at least for an evening. It's always an educational experience, even for seasoned computer gurus.

So, If you can help us to find a new place or help us to move to a new place please don't hesitate. Now is the time to help. If not we may not be around when someone else needs us!

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