Thursday, October 20, 2011

Waiting For Superman....To Fix Your Computer?

Does this villain look familiar to you? If you have seen this guy or his band of not so merry men popping up on
your computer trying to extort your hard earned money, then beware.

This is the classic extortion scheme. The gangster who IS the threat, offering you 'protection' from the bad guys, when in reality, it is his own goons who are the real threat.

This guy not only steals your cash from your wallet to clean non-existent threats off your computer but if you give him a credit card number, an email address or other personal information, you are likely to lose a lot more than just your money.

You could lose your identity altogether and be absorbed into the criminal Bot-Net and Hack-Nets around the globe. Below are some other tell tale signs that your computer may be infected with villains in this cabal of evil; Bloatware, Crapware, Trialware, Malware, Spyware and Viruses. All working in collusion to compromise your privacy, data security, and peace of mind!

So, when your trying to simply browse the web are your searches getting redirected to sites that look like this?

Is your operating system failing to install critical updates and when you try to enable automatic updates it fails?

Is Windows Security Center reporting security problems with your computer such as not monitored or disabled security features?

Do you have an internet explorer toolbar overload?

Have a registry or system error scan reporting it can fix or speed up your computer for a price. You did not install it and it pops up out of the blue but requires payment to fix your computer.

Getting pop-ups for an antivirus program you never heard of telling you, that you have to pay money to clean infections? It could even be popping up a fake Windows Security screen like the one below.

These all are signs of a system infected by the evil Cabal. At the least, you have been annoyed by these programs. The endless popups and the inconvenience of having your searches and browser redirected to site that you know are not good. At the worst you could be losing personal data and more. In any case, you just want to get back to work. This is making you nutty and you just want your computer back! Superman, where are you?!?!

Instead of waiting for superman, why not contact us instead? You wont be getting a buffed out hunk with true x-ray vision in spandex pulverizing the bad guys, but you will get expert and professional assistance from our super techs who have the right super powers to deal with these diabolical programs that seek to dominate and destroy your PC.

We can offer assistance in everything from virus removal, hardware and software issues, data backup and recovery. We can even handle a lot of issues remotely, so you won't need to have a service call or bring your computer to us. If you frequent this blog you will know that we have a whole arsenal of free programs at our disposal that we can set up on your computer so you can avoid falling prey to the forces of evil in the future.

A little preventative maintenance will go a long way so your never stuck waiting for Superman again. The best part is your hard earned money will help to support Computers for Charity in our mission to provide computers to people in need right in our community. That makes you the true super hero!

Check out our website at for more details and rates for our services.


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