Saturday, June 6, 2009

Computers to benifit Balay San Columbano

Balay San Columbano is a Christian Foundation in the Philippines. It's purpose is to provide safe shelter, food, clothing and education to needy young people who come from a variety of family backgrounds. Some of the young people have been rescued off the street, some from abusive alcoholic homes. Others come from desperately poor families.
The Foundation also works to spread awareness of the needs of young people in this area of Philippines where poverty, violence drugs and alcohol threaten their lives and futures. Through the efforts of Father Donald H. Kill who is known as “Lolo” or Grandpa to these children and the support of sponsors here in the United States, the Balay San Columbano Foundation is providing a brighter future to the these students, as well as a glimmer of hope for the future of our world as a whole.

In support of this great Missionary effort, Computers for Charity is hoping to provide enough laptop computers so that each student will have a computer available to them. We recently picked up over 600 older laptops and are in the process of testing, cleaning, sorting and packaging these systems to be shipped to the Philippines.

This is no small undertaking and will take the dedicated effort of many volunteers. We are requesting the help of other churches to join us in helping these truly disadvantaged young people. We hope to have these laptops ready to be shipped by the end of this month if possible.

Father Don has told us that the students will be thrilled to have anything we can provide for them. It is our desire to make sure that we send them functional systems that will meet their needs. These computers are older and people here in the United States may not see any value in them but Father Don has a Linux technician on staff who will install and manage Linux on these systems. These older laptops will help to connect these children to a broader world of technology that will open doors of opportunity for them in the future.

This will be the first international venture for Computers for Charity. Once we have a process and a protocol in place for an undertaking of this magnitude we will be able to provide computers to other regions of the world that are in desperate need of information aged tools.

If you've been thinking about donating your old computer to a worthwhile cause now is the time! If you don't have a computer to donate but would like to volunteer your time to make this project happen please email me at: or visit our website:

For more information on the Balay San Columbano Foundation please visit:

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