Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher Status

Computers for Charity is now an official Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher! No, Microsoft hasn't taken over our operations (thank goodness) or given us a budget (don't I wish). In fact, I still prefer to install Linux operating systems on the computers I rebuild but out of necessity I sometimes have to install a Microsoft OS on the systems due to software compatibility issues.

Unfortunately most equipment that gets donated to us doesn't come with the original operating system media and my standard workaround for this has been to install Ubuntu or Open Suse Linux on the systems with Windows emulation software enabled to make the systems compatible with Microsoft software. In fact , after working with Linux for a while it became my OS of choice for refurbished systems. I've covered my thoughts on that in a previous post thogh.
To make a long story short MAR status gives us the ability to install genuine windows software on a computer that originally had Microsoft software on it for a small administrative fee from Microsoft (of course they gotta make some money). But this is then a legal copy of Windows on the system and I don't risk entanglements for infringing Microsoft's software license.

Its also an assurance to our donors that we meet the eligibility requirements required to qualify as a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher:

• The technical competence required to preinstall Windows operating
• Appropriate security measures in place to ensure the safe storage and
handling of COAs
• Adequate systems for data wiping and reporting, including
conformance to Department of Defense or similar standards on all hard
disks being reused through the program
• Conformance with applicable local health, safety, and environmental

As this effort keeps growing I'm looking forward to hearing from all of you as you do your spring cleaning and find all that old computer stuff your not even using anymore!

Please consider donating today and you will be doing a small part to help the environment and a big part in changing someones life. Because we a a non profit refurbisher you can get a tax deduction for your donation too!!

So whats holding you back form making your donation?

Contact me at: computer.support.guru@gmail.com or visit one of our websites:

http://www.wix.com/jeffbkill/computers-for-charity or http://computersforcharity.webs.com/

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