Sunday, June 24, 2012

It's Not Over

Dug up a couple of local articles of one of our biggest projects. Are we a one hit wonder?

Of course the answer is no! We accomplished much over the years and yet ended up loosing our location due to no fault of our own. Things happen in life. You get knocked down, but you get up again stronger and wiser. We have to move forward and maintain a positive attitude, not resting on past accomplishments alone but looking to the future and the next big project. Let me share a little from recent experience.

I just finished a long hospital stay to deal with some serious health issues. I still have a lot of treatment to go before I'm going to be fully "up" again. But I will be. The experience has inspired me. God worked through me at my weakest moments to have an impact on the health and well-being of a few fellow patients. I was blessed, they were blessed. Even in our weakened states we were able to lean on and provide strength to each other. That is all a charity is folks. Not the strong helping the weak. We are all weak. But together we can help each other and provide hope and encouragement to a broken world.

Do I feel I made a major impact on the world? Not at all. i planted some small seeds at best. But one of my fellow patients just may go on to change the world. We survived. We overcame. Now we can regain our strength and look upward and forward with new insight and wisdom.

Right now the state of the charity is Still in critical condition. But I am not letting it die and I know its supporters and volunteers through the years aren't either. The new goal needs to be to form a new board, and a fundraising committee. If anyone reading this is, or knows of anyone who is talented in these areas please email me at Lets get the resources together to resuscitate Computers for Charity.

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