Saturday, January 7, 2012

Need Help Moving The Charity!

OK here is the new scoop. The charity has been given 'notice that by the 21st we need to move out the rest of our equipment. What we have left at Turing Point is all of our good equipment.

If we fail to move it out by the deadline they have informed me the will take possession of our equipment and dispose of it. This will effectively kill Computers for Charity as we will have nothing left to work on and no computers to provide to anyone in the future.

A friend of mine has offered to allow us storage space in his garage and I plan on taking him up on it. I'm planning on making the move on Saturday the 14th as this is the only Saturday I have off work before the deadline.

This will be no small undertaking as we have a lot of stuff to move in one day. We will need people to load as well as vehicles to transport.

I can't stress the importance of this enough. If we cannot make this move the charity will end and all the computer requests we have waiting will go unfulfilled.

This is not a definite plan yet as I have to confirm that we will have access to the church on that day and set a definite time-frame. Please respond if you will be available to help or email me at


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