Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Don't Trust Anyone...But Us!

While doing research on antivirus programs I decided to compile a list of top ten free antivirus programs for you. My criteria is that the programs must truly be free, not free 30 day trials or crap programs that will not fully protect you and will bog down your system with bloat.

What I found was appalling. Top blog sites and trusted authorities recommending trial-ware and crap-ware antivirus programs as if they were free! They lure you in with a title that makes you think they are reviewing free software, when in fact the list is populated with junk that will expires and require you to pay $$$. You know they must have got paid for the post.

I THOUGH MY HEAD WOULD EXPLODE as I read post after post recommending crap like Avast Antivirus, or trial Versions of Norton Internet Security. Some of the items on these list were good, but the top selections are ones that true computer geeks wear garlic and carry crosses and wooden stakes to avoid at all costs. Were not here to sell you crap, and we wont! Shame on the rest of the experts for being bought out. Problem with being bought is you get sold too!

I don't get paid to advertise or review any product here and I will only give you a list of software that I have actually installed and used and found it to be top quality and actually free for your personal use! If not I will explicitly tell you! This means it will take me a but longer to review, test and consult with my team of expert computer gurus before I recommend software for your computer. We don't want you to get stuck with junk that leaves you open to infection and data disasters down the road.

So my top ten list will take a little more time and research as I examine all the software recommended by the 'other' sites. Just wanted you the reader to know that you are in good hands with us. We are thorough. We don't take money from advertisers, and will never recommend something to you we have not actually used in real world scenarios.

So be prepared to get an honest list, free of crap and truly free! Read through my previous posts for some honest evaluations of software and the best way to use it.

Of course were always here on Tuesday form 4 to 8 PM and Saturdays from 12 to 4 PM if you have any questions or computer issues beyond your ability to fix!

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