Monday, August 22, 2011

Dust Bunnies Kill

A good system cleanup Isn't just about scanning for viruses and uninstalling bloatware and unneeded services. It's also about physically cleaning the internal components of your system. If your system is behaving poorly or running louder than normal, it may be a victim of the Killer Dust Bunny. In all seriousness Dust is a destroyer of many a computer. Below are images of computers from our shop that were donated as DOA systems. Our autopsy of them gives a good indication as to the probable reason. Click on the pictures for a closeup but be warned: the following images are highly disturbing and not for the faint of heart!

Dust settling on the outside of your computer case may appear to be just a minor cosmetic issue which can be easily addressed with a cleaning cloth. However, the fact that there was dust on the outside is a good indication that there will be dust and other debris within the computer case itself.

There are several ways in which dust and debris accumulation can impact your computers operation and overall performance. Built-up dust can cause two things to occur:

  1. It can restrict airflow by accumulating on and in ventilation holes, slots, and fans.

  2. It can accumulate and act as a thermal insulator like the insulation in your home's attic and walls.

    Both of these conditions will cause your computer and its internal parts to operate at higher than normal temperatures, which can cause them to fail sooner than they should.

    Dust can also contain conductive material and particles can stick to circuit boards and cause a short circuit. Even home computers if not properly cleaned can succumb to problems caused by too much dust.

    A dirty fan doesn't rotate fast enough to keep the CPU cool. This causes the computer's fan motor to work harder - and a harder working motor can raise the electric bill. Worst case scenario: A completely clogged fan just stops rotating altogether. Then the CPU will overheat and fail. No CPU equals no computer!

    At high temperature, fail safe software, shuts down your computer to prevent damage. This can happen during boot-up or in the middle of intensive CPU tasks. Blue Screen of Death and frequent memory errors are some of other symptoms of an overheating computer. A simple sign to look out for is constant or frequent fan operation.

    If you are afraid to open your computer case to clean out your system never fear. Our techs are well versed in the art of combating the lethal Dust Bunny. Check out the our suggested rates for this service as well as our many other great services here:

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