Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why Donate to Computers for Charity?

There are a host of reasons to donate to Computers for Charity;
  • Of course, if you donate to charity you will gain certain tax benefits. All of us are looking for ways to pay less money in taxes.
  • If you donate to Computers for Charity you will be able to help others, and keep more of your own money.
  • By donating to Computers for Charity, you do not have to worry about selling the computer equipment, whether an individual system or a warehouse full! No expenses for repairs, liability issues, advertising expenses or other costs associated with the liquidation of your assets.

  • Your generous donations will assist our charitable programs and other charity organizations we have partnered with, a substantial source of much needed educational and vocational assets that will be used to the betterment of those truly in need.
  • You will also reduce your IT clutter in an environmentally friendly manner.
Who would have thought that such great benefits could come when you donate a computer?

Computers for Charity evaluates each and every donation on a case by case basis. Whenever viable, our volunteer staff will repair, refurbish, and properly prepare donated computers for placement, free of charge, to non-profit organizations. We aslo provide vouchers to chaities so they can send clients directly to us for computer placement. The importance of us giving this kind of attention to improving donated property prior to placement cannot be over-emphasized! This feature of Computers for Charity results in significantly greater income and benefit for the community and you the donor by often dramatically increasing the maximum legal tax deduction.

Sometimes a non-profit will just need some PCs whereas others may need cabling, custom or off-the-shelf software, training, help in setting up a computer lab, technical advice and so on. Often, they have no idea what they want or need and we try to help them determine that. The Computers for Charity volunteers try to meet as many of these needs as we can. As volunteers relying on donated equipment and limited resources this is not always possible. But we give it our best effort and assist them as much as possible.

Thousands of PCs have been given away to various non-profit organizations in the community. We have also helped set up computer labs, provided custom software, provided routers, network cables, printers, and other equipment and served as a place where people from the non-profits (as well as students and other members of the community) can come and learn how to build, troubleshoot and repair PCs as well as gain other computer knowledge.

These are some of the benifits of your donations of computer equipment to Computers for Charity.

Christmas time is fast approaching and we are looking to host another Computers for Christmas program. At this time we do not have the types of donation needed to fufill this. It is imperative for all of you who care about our mission to get the word out to your places of employment and businesses in the community. We can help them to clean up that computer clutter that may be left over form a recent upgrade, and provide them with a tax deduction while helping those in need.

Visit our website for our schedule and contact information.

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