Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Every Little Bit Helps

The other day I was eating a Yoplait yogurt and noticed their "Save Lids to Save Lives" advert on the lid. I think its been there for some time now but I never really noticed till yesterday. Here I was all this time eating my yogurt and something so simple to help a great cause had been alluding me. For every lid you send in money is donated to cancer research. How simple this is? Why had I been so thoughtless all these years and thrown out my lids?

For one thing I wasn't sensitized to just how hard it is to raise donations for a charity. For another it was just simpler to throw it out and not have to clean it up and store them and eventually mail them in. Just one part ignorance and one part laziness on my part and I was throwing away money that could be used to fight cancer. I've got family with cancer. I've got friends with cancer. I guess I always figured someone else who had more time could worry about raising funds for cancer research.

We have similar causes at Computers for Charity. We raise money for the Relay for Life through collecting cell phones. We raise money for Ronald McDonald House trough collecting aluminum cans. We collect ink cartilages who's proceeds will go to helping families facing a housing crises. And as you all know we take donations of computers to refurbish and help disadvantages families in the community. It is hard to motivate people just to do that one little thing. How many of you have been going through your life merrily eating your yogurt and missing the simple opportunity to help a good cause?

In the wake of our current economy every little bit helps. If I can inspire just a few people who in turn inspire a few more and so on... think of what we can accomplish for charities who are helping people in need through this current economic downturn. If you reach out to your friends and neighbors and collect cans, cellphones, computers, and even Yoplait Yogurt lids we can change lives!

the current president came into Washington spouting the phrase 'Yes We Can". I think peoples expectation is that "Washington Can". I beg to disagree. Washington is a cesspool of corruption and villainy,beholden only to special interest and out of touch and distant from the plight of the common people of this country. We all know that with their track record, chances are, whatever they touch they will make worse in some fashion.

Federal bureaucracies were never intended to be a charity so please don't expect them to act like one. Government serves its own interest first and not an efficient means to assist in our every day needs and desires. Every facet of our government is currently running a deficit and the our children and grandchildren will be the ones stuck with the tax burdens to fix it (if it can be).

So my answer to this is "Government Can't, but Yes, We the People Can!". It is the small considerations in life that will make the difference. Will you help us by telling a friend about us? Can you help by collecting any of the above mentioned items? Have you considered volunteering for an hour or so and put it off? Many of you have voiced your support for this charity but have you acted on that? It is you as an individual can make all the difference in the world.

So now we are collecting lids to save lives too. For more info on how you can help visit:

There are many ways you can support us and other causes as well. Please visit our website:

I want to thank some dear friends who've made significant donations to Computers for Charity. Denny, Brad, Judy, Ralph and Marcy, Jay and Dianne, Jim, Angie and all of our donors, volunteers, friends and family who have helped us to get this charity started and who continue to support us in thought word and deed. God bless you and your families.

If you know of a family or another charity, church, or non profit that can benifit form our services please contact us at:

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