Saturday, April 4, 2009

How to get rid of that old PC junk!

  • Do you have a computer that has been sitting around in disuse?
  • Do you Know someone who is looking for a way to dispose of their computer?
  • Is your company or corporation upgrading its computer systems?
  • Are you purchasing a new computer and wondering what to do with your old one?
Don't contribute to the e-waste landfills!!! Donate them to a worthwhile cause instead!

We can recycle your old computer equipment at no cost to you and reduce the impact on the environment by refurbishing and providing the gift of technology to families in need!

We are collecting computers, accessories, parts and software and testing and doing repair work to create functional systems that are then donated to worthwhile causes and individuals for free.

We currently accept Pentium II class and better computers and the equivalent Macintosh.we can especially use laptops, notebooks and accessories. We also need current software that is complete with the CD and registration. Also needed are monitors, keyboards mice and other peripherals.

contact: Jeffrey Kill

Fact: Americans junked almost 3 million tons of electronics in 2007. Computers contain dangerous toxins from lead, cadmium, mercury and other hazardous materials which if not properly disposed, will leak into our environment. Recycling computers is an important way to protect the environment while helping someone in need. Computers For Charity advocates the environmentally-safe disposal of all computer equipment that cannot be reused.

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